4-12 [False intel as an extremist]: Their failed operations were contrarily used to frame me as a dangerous left extremist

The Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist has been failing to drag me to the leftist organization, although their abandonment was a recent event, not happened in the long past. They have continued operations to trap me into the leftist group or to eliminate me, which were being conducted alternately.


There were many occasions that they gave up operations to convert me a leftist in this sense, but they actually utilized their failed operations in a different way that I was filed as one of the Marxist activists for a continuation of the monitor against me.


My file definitely says that I am a son of the labor union leader of the communist party and knew well of many party members. I have a contact with the left extremists and was seen at one of their main bases. Moreover, I was close to one of the hijackers of Japan Red Army and also related to some of the leftist parliament members.


This record was only precise that I was a son of a member of the communist party, though they can frame me as a dangerous left extremist if written in this way. They had fabricated my file as an extremist until the middle of the 1990s and this record was escalated as the time went on.


This framing was necessary to the Japanese police intelligence as they have required an enemy to fight with, for their maintenance of the budget and headcount. They could frame me as a dangerous activist, even if they failed many times to drag me into the Marxist organization. In this way, they have justified a resource allocated to the operation against me for decades.


There is no other choice for them as they started an operation to avail their extremist asset near to me with a wrong assumption that I would become one of them soon. Their continuous failure made me a witness of the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist.


I did not realize this fact nor the operation itself against me, but I was positioned to know the majority of the hindsight if there were an accidental chance.


There is another reason why they have targeted me for decades that I have been a believer of the freedom, democracy and capitalism. All of those pursuits are dangerous to the left extremist as those basically contradict their ideal and to the Japanese police intelligence as their authoritarian governance absolutely denied by those ideas.


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