4-13 [Targeted severely]: I was likely targetted harshly as a survivor of the initial human experiment of the electromagnetic wave

I cannot elucidate fully why I became one of the main targets of the Japanese police intelligence and their extremist associates. They should have known that I would not become one of the activists at the beginning when I declined their invitation. However, they had continued to target me, might be because I was a son of the communist or might be because my name was appropriate for the leftist activity.


There should be another reason which was related to the electromagnetic wave operation. I could not confirm 100% but my family has been a subject of the radiowave operation since I was quite young, as a human experiment.


As you can imagine, the children’s behavior is often irregular so that it is hard to tell which was manipulated by the wave even in the case of myself. Having said that, my family was a target before I became one of their main subjects.


The electromagnetic operation was set up against the home definitely when I was a teenager, but I was not sure about the previous home we used to live in the 1970s and 80s. I was pretty much sure that my family was under surveillance of the police intelligence when I was young, which I had a clue, but not sure about the electromagnetic operation.


My father has been on the watch list of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence since the 1960s and became a target of the electromagnetic wave operation at some point with some reason.


My understanding is that it was a result of the pure human experiment. It was necessary for the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to conduct a human experiment for an improvement of their electromagnetic operational skill-set. They should choose their target in any way, which was naturally selected from their watch list at least for the initial phase.


This is how he was selected as a target, but I could not tell whether there was any further cause. There is a possibility that his choice was a result of the personal motivation that the inside officer truly hated him, though it was beyond my capability to confirm.


At least I can say that he was not an active member of the communist party in the 1990s and it was less likely he was chosen as a target around that time. He was blown off by the electric shock in the 1970s, meaning he was a severe target already at that time, hence it made more sense that my family became a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation in 1980s.


However, I was able to go to the university even though a severe operational target. The wave facility was assumed to be sizable in those days and they could not carry it easily, meaning I could study anywhere but home, which was actually what happened.


This analysis implied my existence attracted their interest as I went over their electromagnetic wave operation. This was one of the possibilities and I could not confirm it yet, but the guy in charge was still alive so that we can get a true reason when asking him.


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