4-14 [Who targeted me]: No idea who targeted my father initially, but I knew some of the main officers related to my case

There was a decision maker who approved an electromagnetic operation and a mission to frame as a left extremist. The whole operation has continued for decades so that there were several officers who determined each operation.


Having said that, almost all the early operations were conducted by the Japanese police intelligence, which was a part of the countermeasure against the left extremist activity. It meant that their covert team was in charge of the operation, which was named as “zero”. It also meant that the operation was planned, approved and executed by the security planning division of the Japanese police intelligence.


Each operation was hard to be proved who was in charge, but each was approved always by someone and definitely planned by the central security planning division as multiple prefectures were involved from the scratch.


It also indicated that the decision was made by the elite police career within the intelligence division, which could narrow down the probability less than 100 individuals. Although, it was quite hard for me to research further, as my father was targeted a long time ago so that I could not identify who was in charge in those days through the internet.


It might be possible if I could get all the information of the personnel move at the police department, though it could just narrow down the probability, hard to identify the true source of the problem.


On the other hand, I know more about the case against me, as I have been their target to know the other half of the truth. One of the main perpetrator was Iwao Uruma.


He was a local chief of my hometown almost thirty years ago, eventually became a director general of the police department. I remembered my father said to me that there was a young talented chief sent from the central, as he saw the new chief at the headquarter.


His job required to visit many official places for the machine maintenance including the police headquarter, though, as I said, he has been monitored by the police for more than half a century and it was not a coincidence that the new chief saw my father as he was one of the main figures of the Japanese police intelligence.


There should be some reason for this encounter, but furthermore, this officer was the one who eventually controlled an intelligence covert operation, which was availed to demolish the Japanese society.


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