4-15 [Eliminative target]: Japanese police intelligence eventually targeted me to be eliminated

I eventually became an eliminative target of the Japanese police intelligence, because I did not join the left extremist organization as they managed to manipulate. Their new goal was to eliminate me socially or physically.


The social elimination meant that they would instigate me to commit a crime or frame me as an unethical person, while the physical elimination meant that they would purely kill me.


Having said that, it was essentially unnecessary to kill me as I was not their active enemy at all but just improbable to be manipulated as they wanted. It implied that there were some individuals who really hated me, which was a motivation to target me forever.


There was also another reason that they should eliminate me as I was a significant witness of their illegal conducts and the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist. They have continuously failed their missions and escalated their operations to the level that I should have been dead not to talk.


Their escalation was originally based on the wrong assumption that I would become a member of the left extremist sooner or later, therefore they deployed some of their major assets to the operation against me. However, it would not happen otherwise to reveal that the Japanese police intelligence significantly supported the left extremist activity.


I have not realized this fact for twenty years, but there was always a risk that I might notice their covert operations, accidentally. They have tried many times to hire me as an asset, but those were all failed, which provided me more proofs that the police had run illegal operations, contrarily.


Their leftover option was to eliminate me physically, as I did not fall their many sting operations. As a matter of fact, their assassination against me started at least from 1995 and there have been many assassinating attempts since then.


Although, I had not realized that I had been one of their main targets for decades, and always thought that those events accidently occurred around me. It was not an accidental coincidence but deliberation, though the brain is naturally to find out a plausible rational answer for each of the case.


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