4-10 [How did the extremist obtain my profile?]: Police intelligence was a source of the leak

My profile was obtained by the left extremist from somewhere, which was why I was asked to join and which was also why there were many spies sent from their organization around me. They actually sent a hijacker of Japan Red Army as well. Moreover, there are several people who became one of them after targeted like me whom I knew before their membership.


The issue here is how they obtained my intel and how they conducted many operations against me.


There is a possibility that the intel was sent from the communist party, but they definitely knew that I would not become a Marxist. Moreover, there were many party members around me, therefore it was unnecessary to avail the left extremist to ask me to join.


These two Marxist factions have hated each other for a long time, meaning that I would not become a member of the communist party, even if they were to drive me to the left extremist. After all, it was unnecessary for them to provide an information related to me to the extremist.


This intel was actually given by the Japanese police intelligence, as their information has been generally leaked to the extremist as there are moles in the police organization. Additionally, there were many left extremists working for the police as an informants who have easily accessed to the police intel.


Those were the main reasons why the police information was easily obtained by the left extremist, but there have been actually sympathizers in the police department, whose recognition should not be a mole, but more like one of the comrades to pursue the same revolutionary goal.


They have had their motivations to find out the successor of their left extremist movement and I had become one of their targets, as I was a son of the communist party.


This motivation was proved by the fact that I met with the hijacker, Yasuhiro Shibata, whose life was supported by the Japanese police intelligence and their intention was to leverage him to attract me to the left extremist group.


The relationship between the police intelligence and the left extremist is not so simple as we usually assumed, but they were quite interrelated in many ways.


There was another issue that the police just had a shallow intel of mine at the beginning and they had not realized it was improbable to convert my philosophy. They had conducted many operations with a wrong intel, therefore I had become one of the witnesses that they have actually collaborated in the hindsight.


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