4-1 [Invitation from the extremist]: Left extremist asked me to join their group on the very first day of my university enrollment

I entered the university in 1992 when one of the left extremist group was still active even after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. It was the Revolutionary Communist League, National Committee, as known as Chukaku-ha, partially because they have occupied one of the university dormitories as their main base.


I saw their activity several times during my university days, not that often, but they locked themselves in the dean’s office just before my entrance, which was recovered by the riot squad of police. Chukaku-ha’s activity was still visible at my university in the 1990s.


I was asked to join their organization just once on the very first day when I went to the university to complete an enrollment. They came and suddenly talked to me with their revealed identity when I stood in the long line.


I was accustomed to talking to the leftist, but they actually stayed next to me for a long time for their invitation. It was a cue for the reception, which took quite a long time to wait so that there were many student clubs to invite new members. The left extremist was not one of them, but at least they have availed this opportunity to talk to me.


I was accustomed to having a conversation with the leftist, but I have been basically against their Marxist view and there was no way to join the extremist activity. However, he did not show any understandings of this difference and stayed next to me forever, therefore I got eventually angry and kicked him out.


I had thought this was just an accidental encounter until I started to be tortured opaquely by the spy. It was a known fact that Chukaku-ha has one of their main base in my university and it was just an accident they came to me on the first day.


However, I recollected my memory at that moment and realized that they actually directly came to me, stayed there for ten minutes and left the cue after an invitation to me.


This fact indicated that they knew me beforehand who I was and even how I looked. My profile was obtained by them with their investigative capability and they had believed they could have acquired me as their member, though it would not happen.


There were several hidden problems in this process, but I got to understand that they did not randomly ask for the invitation even with revealing their real identity and this is related to the center of the whole issue, starting from how they obtained my profile.


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