3-223 [All the government should stand up]: It is the only way to solve this fundamental corruption

As you can imagine, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence have fully known what I wrote and they actually could not deny it as I sent several e-mails to the police as a record.


They have still not admitted their organizational crimes to the general public, but it should be the only way to solve this problem. It is always true but the damage is smallest to recognize the wrongdoing as soon as possible. If you manage to hide it, you eventually create other problems, often committing additional crimes, which is easily out of your control.


After all, it is not a fundamental solution to postpone the confrontation and you should admit a wrongdoing sooner rather than later.


They have fully realized this notion, but there should be a crucial reason why they have not made this public. In Japan, there were many officers fired as an accessary to the whole illegal operations and it is nearly impossible to conceal it forever, but there should be an essential problem inside the police department which has prevented to admit the whole issue to the general public.


As a matter of fact, there are a bunch number of people realizing this problem more than you can assume and there is no way to postpone the confrontation. There are hundreds of thousand people just in Japan noticing the intelligence problem including the electromagnetic wave.


We have already identified some of the corrupted officers within the police department including the influential ex-officers, meaning it is not the reason why we have still not finalized the wrongdoing. They have often spread the false information and made their excuses to be related to the crimes, but it was not effective anymore. There are many options to cope with them, but it is not an essential problem as we know who is responsible.


On the other hand, I still have no idea what has happened in the CIA, as it is the real epicenter of this whole issue. There are many corrupted officers in the agency, but it is not easy to find the real traitors from the outside, compared to the Japanese intelligence organization as they belong to the police department and their identities are made public at some point.


In any way, there should be an obstruction that prevented to solve this whole issue. Maybe, there are still many government officials worrying of this revelation to the public, but we should understand that there are still many crimes created by this technology and there are many victims, even killed by the perpetrators brainwashed by the electromagnetic wave operation. There is no option to leave this as it is anymore.


We could not counter the problem if we do not understand an existence of this electromagnetic wave technology, implying that the current state is quite dangerous to many people in this world. There are many people who have already realized how to avoid the radiowave operation as I wrote many countermeasures here.


However, it is still a small population to realize this issue, and if you do not know, you might be manipulated to become a killer or felon due to the electromagnetic manipulation. It is not acceptable and we should stop the intelligence community to conduct these criminal operations.


Each government in this world should make this problem public and should let us know what happened in the past. It is required to tell the truth to the people.


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