3-222 [The life under the intelligence operation]: I have no control over my death but able to control my life

At first, I was filled with a fear and worry, but I came to be accustomed to their operations in the end.


When I was accustomed to one type of the operations, they escalated the tactics to the next level, but it has already hit the ceiling. Their opaque mission actually started from the assassination and torture so that the upper limit was originally close from the scratch.


Having said that, the electromagnetic operation is a different animal and there is still a possibility that my situation should become worse if they attempt to brainwash me severely again.


They have brainwashed me for the minor issue every day, but they cannot crack me deeply as I have elucidated how the brain is manipulated under the electromagnetic operation and found out some ways to counter. It implies that it is quite hard to brainwash me more even if they fully employ their capability against me.


The leftover is an opaque assassination, which is the simplest way to eliminate me. However, if that is the case, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence cannot avoid any criticism of what they have done for a long time.


I fully understand this probability but it is no use to be worried about this outcome, as there is no way for me to avoid their full assault and they can successfully kill me if they try until its completion.


My current consideration is not to avoid the death, but how to live the life. I have found out many countermeasures and came to the state to write like this. In the past, I only could have endured with their savage missions, but my life has been more meaningful since I started to write many papers.


There are still many readers who cannot believe what I wrote here, but these intelligence illegal conducts and their electromagnetic capability is revealed sooner or later. I have no idea when it is, but these are conducts not acceptable to the humankind and we should find out a way how to cope with these problems toward the future.


There is a large possibility that I would not be saved, but I have made up my mind not to fall into their operation and to resist until the last day. As far as I am satisfied with my current being, I am feeling like I am still alive.


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