4-92 [CIA took over the command]: CIA has been in charge of the eliminative operation against me from the middle to secure their organizational interest

The CIA has been in charge of the operation against me from the middle, even though the Japanese police intelligence independently had conducted it until the late 1990s. I used to live in Tokyo from 2003 to 2007 when the Japanese police intelligence had their own opportunity to run an illegal mission against me, though the CIA was always there quite next to me.


I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 and the CIA has been involved in the whole operation as I was targeted to hide a trace that they knew and utilized the Sep 11 attack for their sake, and I was one of the critical witnesses.


Other intelligence agencies had also run independent operations, such as Chinese and North Korean intelligence, though the majority was under a direct control of the CIA.


Their operation started from an assetization, though they have tried to kill me since the middle of the 1990s. I did not elucidate why they alternatively conducted an operation of the assetization and elimination, but the Japanese police intelligence independently attempted assassinations more than ten times and the CIA done several, though there were just two occasions that I was targeted to be killed from 2007 to 2011, in Xian and Guam.


They definitely wanted to kill me, though some of them kept me alive as my analytical capability was outstanding that I realized the financial crisis and the Greek crisis, half a year before they took place.


I had a right expectation for some of the issues in advance and the CIA used my analysis. I actually realized that they read my analysis in autumn 2011, just before the well-calculated fraud operation was conducted against me.


It was broadcasted on TV, which was partially because some of them let me know that I was severely targeted by the intelligence community, though I had not realized the fact more than they used my analysis.


As a matter of fact, it was not so surprising that my writings were availed by the CIA and they were actually not illegally obtained. Therefore, I just noticed in that autumn that I was monitored by them and never assumed that there was an illegal operation against me.


I was useful to them in this way so that there were many people as well trying to hire me as an asset rather than killing me.


However, in either way, the CIA is just wrong for their mission, especially at the point that the intelligence community has built up the spy network around the world which has been out of the governmental control at all. That is why they believe they are lions to do whatever they want to the ordinary people.


We have a right to live freely without interference of their illegal oppression.


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