4-80 [Another diving trap by the CIA]: This might be one of the ways to kill or confuse their target

I went to Guan in November 2009, which was the early stage of the current endless operation against me. I went diving during this trip though it was not the main purpose of this visit.


As I had already written, my air was lost 10 minutes earlier than any other divers under the deep water in Indonesia, in late 2012, and the same issue occurred at that time as well in Guam.


The issue in Indonesia was a spy operation and I figured out they adjusted a BC jacket to consume more air, which was an operation of the CIA. I got the same experience in Guan in November 2009, it was definitely the CIA operation as well, considering the fact that I was a critical witness of their wrongdoing at the Sep 11 attack and many more illegal conducts of the spies.


Actually, the operation was more dangerous in Guam as my air was suddenly lost at 40 meter below the surface.


I was so perplexed and did not know what to do. I had no idea why my air was lost at that speed and no idea how to counter the problem. I looked at my air gauge away from the group of divers and eventually the instructor found me out.


I had almost lost my air in the first 5-10 minutes and he gave me his. We were quite deep in the water so that it took several minutes way back to the surface, actually took nearly half the whole diving time to depressurize our lungs.


I thought it was just an unlucky accident and I was lucky enough not to die, though I figured out how they wasted my diving air in Indonesia and realized that this Guam incident was also a conduct of the CIA operation. There were other supporting reasons as it was not the only operation taken place in Guam at that time.


This diving boat was a full of Japanese divers, though there were several American instructors. I talked to some of them and there were two guys wearing a dangerous atmosphere. They said that they worked around the world, not a Guam local, and I thought their atmosphere was a result of their freer lifestyle.


Although, I am pretty much sure now that it was an atmosphere of the CIA field agent who set up this operation under water against me.


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