4-81 [South Korean ops was compromised by the North]: They should find out the moles

I went to Guam due to a person related to North Korea, though I cannot write down the detail of him.


I still cannot elucidate exactly why they always made an excuse during the operation, but I have assumed they were asked to do so as it was necessary for them to avoid a revenge if I were to become a spy after falling down with their operation. Their recognition was partially correct but partially wrong, as I would not become a spy.


At that time, he suddenly confessed me that he was a Korean descendant and it was weird to me that there were more non-Japanese Asians around me as I lived in Hong Kong. It was totally a useless disclosure, which was also completely out of the context of our conversation at that moment.


I still remembered his wife’s eye worrying so much when leaving as the plan was suddenly changed to eat outside without her. We went to a standing bar run by Korean and sat on the counter to talk to bartenders out there.


I talked to a woman standing in front who spoke a perfect English with a capability to discuss the complicated matter, which was out of norm as she did not need to work as a bartender at the Korean bar in Guam as she could have found a better-paid job.


I was curious and tried to find a reason why, and then, she said she graduated from the university in the US. I understood why she had a good command of English, but her profile should have given her better opportunity to work either in Korea or in the US. Moreover, she was smart enough.


I thought she owned the bar, but the owner was standing next to her and her English was not that excellent. I realized this weirdness at that exact moment and managed to find the reason behind, but she was so reluctant that I gave up my inquiry in the middle.


Looking back from now, she was an intelligence officer of South Korea. The issue was that this whole event was partially set up by the North Korean intention. My friend was availed and made a confession as he was blackmailed by North as his relatives still lived there, which meant that the North and South Korea collaborated the operation against me, but it was not the case officially; i.e. her line of command was compromised by North and some of her senior officers knew the Sep 11 attack in advance, which was why they set up an operation against me in this way.


I cannot specify who they were, but I saw a Korean who talked to Americans at the café in Hong Kong in November 2012. They sat there to let me hear something and they were spies as they had already changed an operation to appear opaquely as almost all of their covers were blown up.


It meant that this Korean officer or ex was highly related to the operation to make use of the Sep 11 attack to frame me. It is impossible for me to identify who he was, but the Korean government can and it is necessary as he is likely one of them compromised by the North Korean intelligence. They needed to get rid of all the moles inside their organization.


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