4-82 [They framed me to fly a drug line]: One of their main purposes was to flag me related to the drug business

I was nearly killed by the CIA and met with South Korean spies out there influenced by North Korea, but there was another reason why I went to Guam.


I lived in Hong Kong and took a flight via Manilla to Guam, whose flight route was called as a drug line and all the traveler was flagged to inquire for a connection of the drug smuggling. I was said as such by the CIA so that their drug team has had an investigative policy accordingly, as there were many smugglers using this flight course.


That was why I was flagged at the drug team at the CIA, though the issue was how I was profiled by them until then. As said, I had been on that list since born as my father was a union leader at the American company and he was also a member of the communist party. His profile was a perfect enemy of the CIA and has been monitored for more than half a century.


My profile started from here to be identified as a left extremist or one of the sympathizers highly connect to some of the members. I even contacted with terrorists, a hijacker from Japan Red Army and one of the members of the sarin attack by Aum cult. Furthermore, I was one of the suspected related to Sep 11 attack and contacted to the individual related to North Korea with flying in this drug line.


All of them except my father’s profile were fake, but there were some portions of the truth, hence they framed me as a dangerous terrorist and have successfully monitored me for decades.


I met with a possible mafia in Manilla on the way back to Hong Kong, who said he was a Sicilian-American born in New York and worked in California for a long time and moved to Hawaii. He claimed that the Russian was coming to the south to have a trouble at his business in Europe. He even said that he went to Japan on business, so that I was a little worried as he might have known Yakuza, though he added they were normal Japanese seeing at my face.


I had no idea who he really was but there was a possibility that he was one of the CIA agents to confirm whether I was involved in the drug business.


On the other hand, there was also a possibility that he was one of the CIA assets as a Mafia organization and tried to frame me for their business. I had not concluded to the single answer including a less likely pure coincidence, but at least, they succeed to frame me that I was related to the individual living in the underground as well as the North Korean relation.


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