4-79 [CIA tried to eliminate me]: They tried it many times and there was a car crash as one of the most critical

I left the US in 2003, though I got a car accident a few months before the departure, which was also one of the spy operation conducted by the CIA.


I drove the car in the upstate New York on that Sunday and craved for going back home quickly as I would like to take an enough rest before Monday to work, hence the car kept running around 60-70 miles per hour.


This speed itself was not so dangerous, but it was snowy day and there were many car accidents I saw on the way, though I passed the majority of icy areas especially in Canada where I maneuvered my car at much lower speed.


The essential problem was that I drove mine quite near to the front car which hit the brake suddenly on the left curve. There was a police officer at the median strip which was why the driver in front suddenly speeded down the car.


There was no choice for me to hit the brake, though I was pretty much sure I was going to lose a control over my car as I should have braked more acutely. The snow halted around that area, though the road was still icy and my car slid into the right lane where there was a car running almost the same speed as mine. There were two cars in front which traveled at the same speed to block the road, which was why mine and the next was running side by side.


I understood there was no way to avoid a crash as I lost a control over my car but suddenly realized that I could stop mine without colliding with the next if turning the wheel in the other way around getting into the median strip.


There was a bank of snow and my assumption was that I could stop the car slowly there as I had an experience like that before. However, the outcome was more than I expected that my car jumped on that bank like a half-pipe of the snowboard, turning around in a side way eventually stop at the position where my driver’s seat was located at the bottom.


There was no injury as I wore a seatbelt and no involvement of others as the car completely stopped in the median strip on the snow, even though the car became wrecked.


I got a call on that night and she was the one with whom I visited together the WTC just before the Sep 11 attack. I thought it was a coincidental accident as well that I got a call in the middle of nowhere, though it was definitely a setup to investigate what we were going to talk after they failed to create a fatal accident against me.


There were several people warning me about the car accident as this was one of the main protocol to hire the subject as an intelligence asset or to eliminate the target. I actually knew those becoming an intelligence asset due to this type of operation to create the car accident on purpose. Some of them knew that I had been targeted by the intelligence community.


The spy who planned this operation would like to hide all the trace before I went back to Japan or to hire me as an asset to shut my mouth, as I was a critical witness that the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand and they had availed this terrorist attack for their favor, even though I had not realized it yet.


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