4-69 [Japanese intelligence chief knew Sep 11 attack in advance]: This information was definitely shared with the CIA counterpart

As explained, the Japanese police intelligence and North Korea knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand at least for the timing and location. I assume they had known it was a hijack as well because I had been already framed to be related to the hijacker, which took place in 1994.


It was just a minute and I left the scene as he said he was a hijacker, but the intelligence at least falsely added a new profile of mine related to the hijacker from Japan Red Army. This profile was definitely used for another additional framing that I was related to Sep 11 attackers.


This Japan Red Army was the one who exported the suicide bombing and hijacking to the Islamist terrorist after some of their members left Japan to go there with a hijacked airplane. All implied that the spy had known that the Sep 11 terrorists would use hijacked flights for their attack.


That was why they claimed I was a related terrorist to pay a visit all the targeted site in the previous two weekends, but this was actually set up by the intelligence who had known the detail of the Sep 11 attack.


Half of the operation was conducted by Korean, and it was not just North Korea but the South Korean intelligence was related to this operation as well. I am pretty much sure that the South intelligence organization was highly compromised, but it does not exempt an involvement the South Korean spy.


Just in case, not all the intelligence officers knew the Sep 11 attack coming beforehand. For example, there were tens of thousands of the intelligence officers in the Japanese police, a small portion of those knew the terrorist attack in advance.


The intelligence organization officially does not share the intel within their members and all the information is gathered up to the high ranking officers. In this way, the majority of the officers cannot grasp what is really going on, which holds true to the covert operation related to Sep 11 attack. If the majority of the Japanese police intelligence had known the attack in advance, this fact would have been spread to the society.


A small population amongst the Japanese police intelligence had known the Sep 11 attack beforehand, but there was a critical fact that they used this intel to frame me as a terrorist related to this attack.


It implied that this decision was made by the officers who managed to eliminate me before 2001 as well. One of them, Iwao Uruma, was a head of the intelligence division at the Japanese police agency at that exact time.


He used to be a local police chief of my residence but promoted to the intelligence head in early 2001. He has been involved in my case at least since the early 1990s, indicating that he knew I was framed for the Sep 11 attack in advance.


It also meant that he knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand. This fact was quite crucial as he was a head of the Japanese intelligence community and definitely told this attack in advance with his counterpart in the CIA. He absolutely shared his intel with the CIA, meaning that the CIA also knew the Sep 11 attack in advance.


I am not sure the CIA director at that time knew this coming, but at least, some of the high ranking officers at the operations grasped the exact intel of the Sep 11 attack beforehand. The question is just how many of them knew this in advance.


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