4-68 [Japanese police intelligence also knew Sep 11 attack beforehand]: That is why they framed me as a terrorist also related to this attack

I have been targeted by North Korea for a long time, but I have no reason why, as my father and I were likely not related to any issued connected to the North Korea.


I also have no idea when it started, though at least I met with a hijacker of Japan Red Army in 1994, who had escaped to North Korea since their terrorist attack for a decade. He was ordered to go back to Japan in the middle of 1980s as his leader in North Korea told him to do so.


He was caught within a year from his coming back and spent a life surrounded by the Japanese police intelligence after his prison time. He was availed at an operation against me and he was originally related to North Korea in this way.


He was apparently sent back to Japan with the knowledge that he was likely arrested later on, which implied that there was highly likely a deal between the Japanese police and North Korea and he was treated as its confirmation. It also implied that North Korea had already known my existence until this operation taken place in 1994.


North Korea has always targeted me, but it was quite limited that they independently conducted an operation against me. They rather collaborated with other intelligence agencies in the most of the cases. I know several monitors availed by the North Korea, though the operation itself was always conducted with others, such as the South Korean intelligence, Japanese police intelligence or Chinese intelligence.


The biggest problem with Japan is that the Japanese police intelligence has been highly collaborated with the North Korean government, as they had a time fully controlled by the left extremist sympathizers who shared the same ideal with the North Korean government. This line of intelligence officers availed the North Korean connection to run the operation against me to hide their involvement from other intelligence members.


I met with the hijacker in this line of works, which was set up by the left extremist sympathizers in the Japanese police intelligence.


They were the spies who framed me as a terrorist related to the Sep 11 attack as well. I was framed by their operation and my connection is a full of lies, but the critical point was that they could frame me as they knew the nature of Sep 11 attack beforehand.


It was not just the North Korean government, but there were officers within the Japanese police intelligence who grasped Sep 11 attack correctly before it took place.


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