4-67 [North Korean involvement to frame me related to Sep 11]: We can technically confirm it through their money account

North Korea is related to the operations against me from the scratch, not just at the time to frame me as a terrorist connected to Sep 11 attack. It was a result of the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and North Korean government, but moreover, the South Korean intelligence was compromised tremendously by the North.


Within my understandings, it has been impossible for them to conduct an operation in the US without notice. The US investigative and intelligence agencies have not left them at large as they have recognized the North Korea is one of the main enemy related to the terrorism.


On the other hand, the South Korea has had a stable relationship with the US and their intelligence has collaborated for a long time, capable of running an operation in the US territory, which I actually experienced as their target.


The issue is that the South Korean operation is affected by the North, at least all of the operations against me. It was improbable that the South Korean intelligence had cooperated with the North peer, indicating that the South has been compromised tremendously by the North for a long time.


In Japan, the operation against me has been conducted by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, which was supported by the North Korean. Precisely saying, they coercively deployed the North Korean relatives for the operation against me, and the majority of them were not a formal spy.


This is a little complicated, but the Japanese police intelligence has run their operation, partially with the North Korean government who avails their related people living in Japan. They have called those people as a “base” who has been an important asset to run the operation in Japan.


I saw North Korean spies directly, though it just occurred in China, and I think I had never met the spy sent from the North Korean territory in the US or in Japan.


I went to the Pentagon and the Capitol Hill as the Korean guy brought us there and there was no reason to visit the tower to observe the Pentagon other than just visiting there to leave an evidence. I clearly remembered he mentioned to go there without a clear reason and left there quickly without any reasons as well.


I saw he collaborated with the South Korean intelligence and the CIA later on, meaning that he was availed by the South Korean spy to let us visit those places eventually targeted by the Sep 11 terrorists, two weeks later.


This Korean guy asked me of the communism on the way back to New York from Washington DC, indicating that there was an influence of the North Korea as well.


We can confirm how deeply the North Korea was related to the Sep 11 attack, looking through their money account, as they were highly likely to sell the market or the airline stocks before the attack.


The CIA has already known this point as their secret Royal account was revealed when the aunt of the current dictator defected to the US which occurred before the Sep 11 attack. If there was such a trade, we can confirm whether the North Korea knew the terrorist attack as a country.


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