4-66 [Question about communism]: Korean asked me of the communism and my negative reaction led me framed as a terrorist related to Sep 11, contrarily

I was asked about the communism just before Sep 11 attack on the car back from Washington DC to New York. This question was asked by Korean who was definitely ordered by South Korean intelligence, though it was absolutely an intention of the North Korea.


It started from how I thought of the communism and I replied him that it was just wrong. I had no idea why he asked this silly question to me, but he escalated his inquiry to the development stage theory.


His explanation was wrong that he had no idea of the socialism and communism at all, but I ignored him as I would not like to talk about the communism. He said to me that he studied it at the university, but I could not confirm the authenticity. The fact was that he suddenly asked me about the communism and tried to get my opinion on this issue.


As you can imagine after reading all of the writings here, I have asked many times that I was one of the communists, partially because my name is a communist, but moreover, there were officers and spies who would like to confirm whether I was really a Marxist or not after a wrong intel that I was one of them.


When he asked me about the communism in this way in the US, there were several possibilities, one of which was to cooperate with the CIA. However, there were many Koreans actually related to North Korea around me as they spied on me in many occasions.


At the same time, he cooperated with the South Korean intelligence, not just for this time but later on as well. This fact implied that the South Korean intelligence was tremendously penetrated by the North peer, even to conduct an operation in the US, as it is not easy for the North to run an operation independently without a surveillance from the CIA.


I assumed this inquiry of the communism was the last confirmation and they concluded I was not one of them. Then, their next move was to manipulate me to go to the WTC a week before the terrorist attack, which completed visits for all the sites targeted on 11 Sep 2001.


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