4-65 [Reason to visit WTC before Sep 11]: US intelligence agency definitely knew the WTC would be attacked

It was a week before of Sep 11 attack when I visited the World Trade Center, as one of my friends came over to New York.


Just a confirmation, but we did not enter the building and stopped a car in front of the WTC to discuss whether going up or not and finally decided not as there were also tall buildings in Tokyo.


We went there as she asked me to see the Wall Street, drove around the downtown and stopped car there to eat a dinner at the Chinatown. Later on, we walked to the north to SOHO, all of which indicated that we went to the WTC, but not actually entering the building.


However, the spy knew I visited there as I talked to this friend of mine on the day after the terrorist attack. New York Stock Exchange was closed down and there was no job for me anymore on that day, so that I went back home and talked to her by phone. She lived in London at that time and still awake to talk about the terrorist attack as we just visited the WTC a week before.


This phone call was captured by the CIA, as my phone was monitored from the scratch as I was on their watch list. They could confirm I was there in front of the WTC by the camera as well that we stayed in the car for a while and left a scene without getting out.


It was a complicated question to answer why I was there, but at least, I would not have been there if she had not come over to New York. Her father had a plan to stay in New York for several weeks for the job from Tokyo and she met him flying from London.


I had already been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave until then, implying that this visit itself was a setup as well. They were not spies so that it was highly likely that they were also manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.


This manipulation could have been conducted by the CIA or the Japanese police intelligence as they needed to manipulate him to go to New York at the Japanese side and US side, i.e. he was necessarily invited by the US management to work in New York.


I actually had a proof they were involved in this case, though it was hard to write the detail for some reason, but at least I can say that he was also a target of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence.


After all, there were familiar members of the intelligence community, the CIA, the Japanese police intelligence, North and South Korea. There were many officers who correctly understood a timing, place and methodology of Sep 11 attack beforehand.


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