4-64 [Reason to go to Pentagon before Sep 11]: Korean guided us there suddenly without any explanation

We can identify the spies and officers who knew Sep 11 attack before it took place when we find out the perpetrators who framed me as a possible terrorist related to this attack.


At first, I went to the Washington DC on the weekend of 25-26 August 2001, paying a visit to the Capitol Hill and the Pentagon on the latter day. However, it was quite unnecessary to see the Pentagon, and moreover, there was initially no plan to go to the DC at all.


One of my friends asked me to go to the different city, hundreds of miles away from the DC, as he needed to complete his paperwork there. Just in case, I could not write the detail that much as he could be identified.


In the legal term, there was no problem to mention his name and where we went, but the whole issue was related to the fact that I was framed as a terrorist suspect connected to Sep 11 attack and also related to the real traitors. I have no idea how they are treated on-going so that I refrained from writing the detail too much.


In any way, there was no plan to go to the DC, but the third man joined this trip who suggested to go to the DC, which was why we visited there to see around the White House and the Capitol Hill with his guide.


We went to the Pentagon during the course, but there was no explanation to take a ride to the tower where we could have a look how the Pentagon looked like and there was no explanation to leave that tower within several minutes.


This visit was incoherent and we moved just to go to that place without concrete reason. There were many framings like this in my life and I am pretty much sure this was also one of the fabrications to create a false evidence.


This operation was conducted by the South Korean intelligence, however it was actually run by North Korean intention.


There were two problems at this point, one of which is that the South Korean spies exactly understood when and where the Sep 11 attack took place, which was why they could have conducted this operation to frame me. The other was that this operation was executed under the influence of North Korean spy.


The South Korean intelligence was sometimes involved in the operation against me, though it was almost always under the influence of the North Korea, indicating that the South Korean intelligence agency has been compromised by the North so tremendously.


There was another critical issue for this setup that I paid a visit to the whole place initially because one of my friends asked me to go to his university to complete some paperwork.


This request was less likely a result of the accidental coincidence, meaning that this summon was fabricated by the CIA or other American intelligence agency and there was a possibility to find a trace from this point.


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