4-63 [Reason behind my suspect related to Sep 11]: Spy has fabricated me a critical extremist for decades, indicating they purposely availed the Sep 11 attack to frame me as well

I had been suspected as a possible terrorist related to the Sep 11 attack, but I had not realized this fact for a long time as I had also not known the critical intel that I was a terrorist suspect before this terror.


From the CIA point of view, I had been on their watch list since born as my father was a union leader of the American company at the same time with a member of the Japan Communist Party.


Having said that, I have been a capitalist since high teen for decades. At least I can say that I am more a capitalist than any Japanese police officers and all the spies in this world. As a matter of fact, they have loathed me as too greedy, almost every day, because my opinion is so capitalistic to calculate pros and cons quite often in terms of the money account.


They nevertheless have treated me as a Marxist sympathizer or activist on their watch list. I have tried not to be bothered by this fact, though it has been quite a humiliation to me why I have to be treated as the Marxist by the officers who have no idea what the capitalism is about.


My file definitely mentioned that I had contacted with the several extremist members including the hijacker from Japan Red Army. Moreover, they might have a picture that I was at one of their bases, as it was also a dormitory of my university.


All of them were basically set up of the Japanese police intelligence. Precisely saying, they tried to push me into the left extremist activity but failed always, whose failures were contrarily availed to create a false intel that I was actually one of them.


Furthermore, I was said to support the Aum terrorist fugitive later on, which was also set up by them and I had even not realized one of my colleagues was actually him.


As you can imagine, the person like this profile came to the US and visited all the Sep 11 attack site in the previous two weekends. They assumed I paid a visit at the attack site for the confirmation beforehand from their viewpoint.


That was why I was treated as a terrorist suspect related to Sep 11 attack. It was all lie except I was a son of the communist but they fabricated my profile as a dangerous activist. That was also why I had not realized I was suspected as such, as all the intel was forged by the spy beyond my understanding.


There is a critical fact at this point that it was also a setup that I was related to Sep 11 attack.


I was framed to visit the Capitol Hill, Pentagon and WTC just before the actual attacks by the intelligence officers who really had known how the terrorist attack took place. This implied that there were a plenty of people who had recognized Sep 11 attack until it was executed.


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