4-62 [Suspicion related to Sep 11 attack]: The CIA told me that I had been suspected

I have been suspected to be related to Sep 11 terrorist attack, though I had not realized it for a long time. I noticed it at the end of 2012 when I was in Indonesia. I had been tortured by the spy for a year and they even started to conduct an operation against me opaquely.


I recognized I was the suspect as one guy told me of the suspicion, who was an American employed as a CIA collaborator, not an officer. I understood why he worked for the CIA with listening to his story and partially confirmed he was not a proper hire.


In any way, he was a monitor sent from the CIA when my air was lost during the diving even at the time of the drift which was quite critical as I might have lost in the sea, though he had no idea more than his monitor against me.


I used to live in the Westchester, a suburb of New York, and he was also there to go the school. At that time moment, I talked to him that I visited all the targeted sites before the Sep 11 attacks took place and he said to me that I was suspicious, which was partially a joke and partially a serious. Moreover, I realized he led a conversation into this course at that time, as I had been a target of many spy operations until then with a full surveillance.


It was a remote interrogation and I had experienced them a lot until then, hence I instantly realized the spy had framed me as a terrorist suspect related to the Sep 11 attacks. I had only known the fact from my side and I realized they were able to frame me as a list of the superficial events.


I still did not understood correctly that this suspicion was rooted deeply, but came to think this was not normal, as I was told this concern in 2012 which meant that I was on the CIA watch list at least for more than 10 years.


This remote interrogation took place as there were two sets of officers inside the CIA that one league believed I was not one of them and the other really assumed I was a terrorist.


Furthermore, I started to think there should have been something more to be suspected as a terrorist, not just visiting the sites before the attacks took place, as this whole operation cannot be that simple.



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