4-4 [Intelligence operation]: I have been a subject of their mission for decades, but not realized for decades

I have been on the watch list of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence since born, and I have been a subject of their operations since I was young, though it was just quite hard to tell the truth from the contaminated memories of my childhood.


Having said that, I had not been primal, but my father was their main target as he was a union leader as a member of the communist party working at the American company. He was an active leader and negotiated collectively with the management, hence it was a perfect profile of the CIA target, which also meant an enemy of the Japanese police intelligence.


In the 1970s, he had been hospitalized for several months due to the electrification during the job. I was too young to remember what just happened, but he looked like believing this was a result of the accident, though I am pretty much sure now that this was a result of the intelligence operation.


I have been on their watch list as he was a target of the spy, which implies that he has been suffered from the intelligence operation in the same degree as mine, at least 20 years ago, not the current level of the operation against me, as this has been more critical. In those days, I did not realize there were intelligence missions against me, or moreover, I had not realized it for a few decades as they planned quite intricately not to be revealed.


However, once noticing the existence, I had realized there were many operations conducted against me for a long time. As a human nature, we make a rational explanation for each event and we never assume some accidents are caused by the intelligence operation in the normal life.


He was blown off by the electric shock due to the electrification while he conducted a maintenance job. He was actually blown for several meters and could not move at all in the next one month. He was necessary to stay in the bed even after he recovered his control over the body, spending in the hospital for several months, which basically meant that he was nearly dead.


I have a confidence now that this was an act of the intelligence operation. I have also suffered from the spy missions who attempted to kill me many times.


Although, I had no idea who did this operation to him as it is an incident happened in 1975 and I have no memory in those days. It was highly like a conduct of the CIA or Japanese police intelligence, but I could not eliminate a possibility of the KCIA, though it was definitely a result of the intelligence operation.


The spy has been conducting those eliminative operations, which is still not gone in this world. We just do not encounter these operations normally so that we just not believe the incident in front is a result of their operation.


Having said that, the intelligence mission has been advanced more than we assumed as they are capable of the electromagnetic wave operation. This technology was likely invented in the 1970s and developed to manipulate the subject at least until the middle of 1980s.


It has developed more since then and they can read remotely what you think through the brainwave, whose innovation occurred around the turn of the twenty-first century. This is more covert to be known to the ordinary people, but moreover, it has been availed for the political manipulation as well.


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