4-5 [Initial target]: My father was an original target of the electromagnetic wave operation, not me

My father accidently cut his thigh in the middle of 1990s when he created something with a power saw as he forgot to use a safety cover. The wound was not so deep that he could walk after cured, though it was long more than five inches.


I assumed this was also a result of the electromagnetic wave and I could not write it down though there was another reason why this was caused by their operation. In any way, this was an incident happened in 1995 or 1996 when I was also a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation at the same place. He was not just electrified by the spy.


Their original target was my father, not me, therefore it was natural that he was assaulted by the electromagnetic wave as well. The CIA and Japanese police intelligence deployed this technology to my family at least until the early 1990s, supporting a fact that they initially targeted him.


I cannot identify who decided to use this technology to my family, but he has been watched by the Japanese police intelligence so that they were definitely involved in the initial decision. This device was introduced by the CIA, and considering a fact that my family was one of the earliest targets, they at least noticed who the targets were of the Japanese police intelligence.


He was able to walk after the thigh was cured, though he is now crippled as his cervical spine was cut. He recovered his move after rehabilitation but it is impossible to move in the same way as the past. I have doubted this was a result of the electromagnetic wave as well, but I had no conclusion how it was created. I have some ideas, but I would not like to make it sure to use my body, hence it is quite hard to confirm.


There are many other incidents and I am pretty much sure that he has been a subject of the radiowave operation. As written, I knew why he was targeted by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, but I had no idea why he was chosen as a subject of this operation.


In my case, I know who were sent to me, which also gave a list of the perpetrators who were involved in the operation against me, while it is quite hard to find a true cause why he was chosen as a serious target.


At least I can say that my family has been targeted by this electromagnetic technology from the 1980s, and when that was the case, there were not so many devices deployed in those days, which basically implied there was a significant reason why he was targeted as such.


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