4-6 [Left extremist spy]: I had not realized for a long time that the extremist infiltrate into my social network

There were several left extremists around me, but I had not realized their existence for a long time. This realization occurred to me in 2013, more than a decade later.


I came to notice that I could identify the left activist by their look, not perfect though. It was kind of natural as I had seen many members of the communist party since I was young, but I had never assumed I could identify them at the spot.


After I acquired a capability to spot the police at once, I realized a fact that the left activists have their unique atmospheres. Then, I recognized that there were several left extremists infiltrated into my social group.


This realization was shocking as I had never assumed they were spying on us in that way. I managed to recollect what they said in the past and confirmed that their claim was in line with the radicalized left.


Moreover, I went to the Kumano dormitory, one of the facilities of my university, which was occupied by Chukaku-ha, the revolutionary communist league, national committee. It was a known fact, but I went there to see how my enemy looked like without consideration of the consequence, when one of them asked me to go together there.


I was actually framed by them as it was also known fact that this dormitory was fully monitored by the police intelligence and my visit to this place was logged as I was one of the possible associates to this left extremist.


They originally put me on the intelligence watch list, but they successfully added up another profile on me as related to the left extremist. I am pretty much sure this was one of the simple plots of their joint operation between the police intelligence and the left extremist of their asset.


There were several others around me, who were categorized as the left extremist. I did not care their identities, but one of my friends told me that he knew who they were in those days. That place was basically filled with conservatives or right-wing liberalists, but I did not care that much as I am accustomed to talking to the left as well. Moreover, the atmosphere was so freedom that anybody can get into that place.


Although, it was not a comfortable place to the left extremist, indicating that they were just sent there to spy on us, which was apparent as one of them brought me to a base of the left extremist. This fact also implied that his task was also affected by the police intelligence tactics.


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