4-7 [Met with a hijacker]: I was framed to talk to a hijacker from the Japan Red Army

I met a hijacker of Japan Red Army in the past. He was Yasuhiro Shibata, one of the members who hijacked Japan Airline Flight 351, as known as Yodogo Hijacking in 1970.


More precisely saying, I was just framed to talk to him about a minute, though I am pretty much sure that it was logged as a left extremist who contacted with the hijacker of Japan Red Army, one of the prominent violent Marxist.


That operation took place after the campus fest. We fully reserved one of the bars near the university as there were a sizable number of people joining from our student organization, which is not a political but a group for the music. I booked that place by myself or might be others, but at least I was in charge of this gathering.


When I got to the bar, there were a few other people sitting at the bar and I was asked what to do, therefore I went to talk to them directly as it was my responsibility.


They said to me that they did not know the place was fully reserved. Then, I told them that there were also many people even I had not known of so that they could stay there as a few addition was not a problem to us.


The issue was settled in this way, but one of them suddenly told me that he was a member who hijacked Japan Airline Flight 351. I would like to leave the place as soon as possible when I heard it though I was so perplexed that there was no idea hit upon what to do. At that exact time, the guy next to me was excited to talk to him in the detail and I found a chance to leave the spot.


I had no idea how this was written in the police intelligence file of me, but this was actually what happened at that time. Although, when they filed I had contacted with the terrorist, I would be classified as one of the dangerous left extremists. Moreover, I was originally on the watch list who is a son of the communist party, and probably already falsely logged to contact with the left extremist.


After this incident occurred, one of the members made a wired excuse, who might book this place originally.


They made an excuse always later on when this kind of the operation took place. In those days, I had no idea why they made an excuse like that, but I got to realize that they made it because they had collaborated with the spy operation.


I assume there is a risk of their life if not, as I might have targeted them in the end if I were one of the intelligence assets after falling down with those operations. Just in case, this guy was the same one who claimed to me that he could see a ghost, which meant that he might be entrapped until then by the intelligence mission.


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