4-8 [Police intelligence arranged a hijacker]: Japanese intelligence officer actually brought him to talk to me

As you have already realized, this hijacker was not randomly sitting at that bar. I am pretty much sure as there was an excuse which was nearly protocol after the intelligence mission, but moreover, he did not spend a life freely after discharged from the prison.


Yasuhiro Shibata was surrounded by the Japanese police intelligence after his release, according to the WIKI, which made sense actually, he was the only one at that time in Japan to live outside the bar amongst many hijackers. The police intelligence should have been worried that he became an icon of the left extremist movement. That was why it made sense he lived with the police intelligence as far as they paid an expense.


I actually met him several months after of his release and he could not have come to that exact bar in Kyoto randomly from his home in Osaka. It was apparent that the police intelligence was in charge of this arrangement.


There were many other people at that bar so that I might not have been the only target, but I was at least one of the main as I was on their watch list since born.


However, I still cannot capture the exact reason why they brought this hijacker to me. They might have truly believed that I was a potential left activist and I was willing to talk to the hijacker as he was one of the idols of the leftist activities.


It is more likely the case, but still, there is a leftover issue to be solved what goal they eventually targeted at that time. This answer was highly likely that the Japanese police intelligence tried to guide me to join one of the left extremist group which has been controlled by them.


There were several left extremists sneaked into my social network until then, which meant that they had actively targeted me for a recruit. The police intelligence had collaborated with this move, which was why I met this hijacker on that day.


I spent about a minute on talking to him, but I could leave the spot as there was a journalist who started to have a conversation with him, instead of me. He might have believed I would join a conversation afterward, as it was about the hijacking, but I had no interest in the left extremist, Japan Red Army and hijackers, as well as North Korea where he used to live as an exile. Therefore, I left the spot as it was the best timing to go away.


I did not fall into their trap, but it might be enough for the police intelligence as they were able to write a new log of mine that I contacted with the hijacker from Japan Red Army, meaning I was a potential terrorist.


When I left that spot, there were two people who had a conversation that they never saw this journalist. I thought he was one of the ex-members of this student group for the music, but eventually realized he was also set up by the Japanese police intelligence. One of these two people was the same one who claimed to see a ghost, which meant that he was also a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation.


Just in case, I was likely to figure out who this journalist was. He used to work at one of the biggest newspaper, but moved to the local paper before becoming independent.


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