4-3 [I am not a communist]: I know many of them, though

My father is a member of the Japan communist party, but I am not a communist at all, even nor a leftist. I have believed their ideal is wrong since I was a junior high school student, which was even before the collapse of the Eastern Bloc.


The Marxist has advocated that there is an ultimate freedom under the communist regime, but it had never happened in any socialist and communist countries. It was actually otherwise that there were many people suffered from the controlling governments and the perfect freedom cannot be realized in those systems.


The personal freedom has always been assumed to be an enemy of those systems and the only liberty is to follow the authoritarian rule voluntarily, which is notionally out of the freedom.


There are not so many people contradicting the Marxist idea from the lower teenager and I am a true proponent of the freedom, democracy and capitalism, while I have had a profound knowledge of the communist notion as I had read a newspaper of the Japanese communist party.


Additionally to say, I have no allergy to reject them as a person even though contradicting their ideal, as there were many communists around me when I was young. I even attended several communist events until becoming the low teenager and never saw evil members out there.


My final conclusion is that there is no way to solve the problem in this world by their way of the government, while the history tells us that each life must become miserable under their controlling governments. This is a reality of their notion, which is basically not a subject of their individuality.


This is why I can tell who is a Marxist activist. I had never thought this capability, but I realized that I can discern them after recognizing I am capable of identifying who is a police officer. This ability is quite natural to me and I could tell who was a left even recollecting from my memory.


I am not hostile to the leftist activity itself but just have concluded their ideal is wrong. I am pretty much sure there are many good people to make this world better in any way amongst them, though the left extremist is totally different, as they pursue a violent revolution with force.


If they deny a violent revolution, they cannot use a force, which is basically the same issue at the religious terrorism. As far as there is an element of the violence in their creed or a distorted interpretation of theirs, their activity is escalated to the terrorism.


It basically means that every activist is dangerous as far as they affirm the violent revolution because they believe the sacrifice is always necessary as a result of their violent actions. All of the left extremists in Japan is categorized in this group and their radicalization is inevitable in the end.


On the other hand, I have been a proponent of the classical liberalism, highly depending on works of Locke, Hayek and others. I am nearly a believer of those, but it basically suggests a freedom, democracy, capitalism and constitution, hence not penetrating into the personal freedom.


It is a matter of the system, not a matter of how to live, and moreover, I do not believe there is a fixed answer for the way of governance, which also implies that the personal freedom is quite important as there is no ultimate righteousness.


Those beliefs are all contradicted by the left extremist, and at the same time, hated by the authoritarians. As far as there is a democracy, it is unnecessary to overthrow the existing government by the violent revolution. The autocracy is apparently dismantled by those ideas which give a power to the people.


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