4-22 [Concurrent electromagnetic wave ops]: Police intelligence employed this technology to manipulate the terrorist fugitive as well

I was a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation still in those days, though I had not realized it for decades until 2013. It was too occult for me to hit upon.


Having said that, I remembered a symptom from this radiowave operation that I suffered from a headache from unknown cause even though I was checked by the doctor and visited several types of the treatment though all useless.


I did not remember when it was gone, but at least there was no symptom until 1999 when I was out of Japan, which also implied that this was an operation conducted by the Japanese police intelligence.


I have had the same headache as a result of the electromagnetic wave operation since its revelation in the spring of 2013. It has been already elucidated to be created by the wave and its influence is minimized as I cooled my head in several ways.


As mentioned, there was an operation to make me believe an existence of the ghost, which might have been an operation to connect me to the Aum fugitive, but might be they made a final decision on the Aum operation as I did not fall into their trap.


Although, I had definitely heard their voice remotely from this technology, which was why I had worked with this fugitive in the end. This fact had another meaning that this fugitive, Makoto Hirata, was also manipulated by the electromagnetic wave during the whole time through his runaway.


I assumed they availed a time around morning doze, as it was hard to identify the voice of others under this state. It was artificially kept when irradiating a delta or theta wave and they could manipulate the subject unnoticeably as the reason did not work properly at that time moment.


I assume they were still not capable of sending an unrecognizable voice, which is indifferent to the inner voice, though they might have that capability until then, which might be used for my manipulation.


If the latter was the case, I had been manipulated for a long time to work at the construction site eventually with this fugitive. Looking back my memory, I had spent a month to make a decision to find out an efficient job with a worry that I was short of the money.


I was manipulated in either way and there were two officers who definitely knew this operation, the local police chief and the investigator who was in charge of this intelligence covert team. I identified both of them, Katsuharu Ashikari and Shoichiro Ishikawa.


They were officers in charge, but there was definitely another influential officer behind as it was improbable to avail this big-name fugitive against me just by the field officers.


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