4-23 [Field commanders]: There were officers in charge to frame me with this Aum fugitive

Looking back the eliminative operations against me in those days, there were several plots to cause a traffic accident before they framed me as a person of interest related to the Aum terrorist attack.


I noticed one of them was actually set up by the unnecessary traffic control, as I escaped from the near car crash. I remember I loathed them at the next signal where the police car completely stopped a right lane to cause a 500-hundered-meter long traffic jam just at one lane of the road.


The deployed officers had no idea what they had done, but they were definitely mobilized by the high ranking officer in the local police. The police intelligence officers were basically in charge of the operation against me and they could not shut just one lane of the road, as they had no authority.


However, the local chief was capable of commanding both sections, especially when he spent his career at the police intelligence, as this section was more centrally controlled by the national bureau and hard to be intervened by the local chief who had no background of the intelligence job.


In my case, he was a chief of the second intelligence section before assuming the local chief of my area. Moreover, this intelligence division was in charge of the investigation against the Aum cult and he was one of the four section chiefs. The operations to cause an accident started after he came over to my hometown and also they framed me related to the Aum terrorist fugitive as well.


Just in case, I started to work with Makoto Hirata, the Aum fugitive, after this local chief was back to the central office, though the fugitive came over to my hometown when he was in charge. This plot was well calculated as the chief could deny his involvement if I just focused on the timing when I started to work with this fugitive.


As a reality, the next local chief was not a police career, but a bureaucrat used to work at the different department of the government. He should have been smart enough to command a local police organization, though nearly impossible to understand what the police intelligence had conducted covertly.


In this way, the intelligence covert team could hide the whole operation from other police organization including other colleagues at the intelligence division. In this way, the police claimed that I was related to this fugitive, but could disguise a relation of the original local chief, at least until I realized the whole setup.


They started to avail this framing from the last day of 2011 when the fugitive turned himself into the police. At that time, I had been tortured by the Chinese intelligence and the Japanese police added another intel that I was related to the Aum cult.


It was not a coincident but the officer who wrote this plan as the investigator of the covert team was positioned as an intelligence head of the Tokyo metropolitan police which sent the majority of intelligence officers at the end of 2011. He capitalized his long past operation in this way to frame me and to hide their mission to leave the Aum fugitives at large.


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