4-24 [Turn-in triggered another torture]: Aum fugitive arrest was leveraged to gear up the torture against me as a terrorist suspect

Makoto Hirata, one of the three last Aum fugitives, turned himself in at the end of 2011, which was critical to the whole operation. The intelligence organizations failed to assassinate me in the middle of December and started a torture from that day.


It occurred in Hong Kong and the Chinese intelligence was in charge of all of them, but actually, it was a joint operation with the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and others.


It had already passed a few weeks since the start of torture and I was still survived without falling down any one of them and I came to think that they should have stopped this operation as there was no crime of mine to be pursued.


At that exact moment, he turned himself into the police and I realized he was the one I used to work with after the police posted his photo on the internet. Then, I researched his other profiles and confirmed he was my ex-colleague during his runaway.


This fact was also confirmed by the Japanese police and they extended an investigation against me, which also meant that the Chinese intelligence continued their torture.


There was another critical matter related to this plot that he went to the Tokyo metropolitan police, even though he lived in Osaka. This behavior triggered a formal participation of the intelligence section of the Tokyo metropolitan police as they were originally in charge of searching him as a person of interest related to the shooting of the director general of the Japanese police in 1995.


The chief of this section in 2011, Shoichiro Ishikawa, was the past investigator in charge of the covert team in 1995 when he wrote a plan to leave this Aum fugitive at large and framed me as a related person.


He assumed this investigator position from 1995 to 1997 and definitely wrote some of the plots falsely to frame me as a left extremist.


There was another important issue related to this plot that the timing of his turn-in was controlled by the electromagnetic wave. I had been a subject of this radiowave operation for decades including the time I worked with this fugitive in 1997-1998, which also meant that he was also a subject of the same technology. It indicated that his escape and turn-in had been controlled by the police intelligence for decades.


Just in case, I think he did not realize he had been controlled by the electromagnetic wave as I had not noticed this technology for decades. Both of us were manipulated remotely by this electromagnetic wave to work together just for framing as one of the supporters.


The problem at the end of 2011 and in early 2012 was that the most of us did not realize that the covert team of the Japanese police intelligence supported their escape. Contrarily, they suspected that I was involved in another terrorist act including the sarin attack of the Tokyo metropolitan subway system. All of us were framed by this false intel of the Japanese intelligence and the investigation was geared up with harsher tortures.


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