4-25 [Terrorist framing]: Police failed new allegation just in two weeks

It was definitely another framing of the police to manipulate Makoto Hirata, one of the Aum cult fugitive turning himself in at the end of 2011. The Japanese police and other intelligence organizations wanted to crack me down with threats and tortures in those days, and moreover, they even tried an assassination as well, though all failed until then.


There had been tortures already for three weeks and they definitely realized I could not fall down from theirs at that time. That was why the police manipulated a timing of his turn-in at that exact moment, as they needed another rationale to continue their illegal operation against me with tortures. Adding to this, the chief intelligence officer of the Tokyo metropolitan police needed to find a way to be in charge of this operation at the Japanese part.


After all, the fugitive had also been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave for years at lease since 1996 and this intelligence chief, Shoichiro Ishikawa, was an investigator in charge of the intelligence covert team operation in those days, who wrote a plan of his runaway and eventually his turn-in more than fifteen years later.


However, their operation was failed at least against me in early 2012. They claimed I was one of the related to the Aum terrorist attack, but I was with my friends on the day and day before when the terrorist attacked the Tokyo subway system. One of my friends worked as an attorney prosecutor who used to be stationed at Osaka branch where the special team in charge of my case was located.


It meant that they could get the exact intel that I was not one of the Aum cult members, which was by far better than the suspicious intelligence intel. Actually, they stopped this framing that I was related to the Aum, on the very next day when I mentioned his name.


That was a big setback to the police intelligence and they started another operation that I was not related to the Aum fugitive with hiding a trace of his whereabouts in the past. I assumed they had realized that this failure might reveal the fact that I worked with this fugitive as one of the intelligence plots. That was why they needed to hide any pieces of the evidence as soon as possible as they had never imagined their operation was blown in just two weeks.


Although, at that time in early 2012, I never imagined that there was a technology to manipulate me to work at a certain place, i.e. the electromagnetic wave manipulation. I had thought I accidently worked with him, even though he was the second terrorist I encountered in my life.


This perception was changed after I recognized a capability of the electromagnetic wave and realized a fact that his runaway was covertly supported by the Japanese police intelligence.


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