4-21 [Other framings related to the Aum cult]: Multiple operations were proofs of the Japanese police intelligence involvement

There was one woman who said to me that she used to be a friend of another fugitive of the Aum Shinrikyo Cult, Naoko Kikuchi. This friend of the fugitive worked with me at some time in 1996.


Her friend said they were classmates at the high school and never imagined she committed such a crime, as she was broadcasted as a bomber. I assume this was not a lie but a true story even though there were many spies around me already, including private investigators, police intelligence officers, left extremists and foreign spies.


As a matter of fact, I knew another classmate of this fugitive and this lie might be revealed if continued.


Her friend worked with me at that part-time job in early 1996 before a job at the construction site, though this timeline was quite critical as another Aum fugitive, Makoto Hirata, came to my city at the end of 1996.


These two operations were not independent but framed me to be related to the Aum terrorist attack. This cult had recruited many believers from top schools and there were several main core members from mine as well, and actually, the perpetrator who produced the sarin used to study at my university.


I assume they availed this background story to frame me and the Japanese police intelligence started to set up the operation from early 1996, a year before I actually began to work with Makoto Hirata.


This meant that the Japanese police intelligence had grasped their whereabouts until early 1996. More precisely saying, they supported their escape covertly, which was why they started the operation against me at that time.


Makoto Hirata turned himself in at the end of 2011 and Naoko Kikuchi was arrested in early 2012, implying the police had left them at large under surveillance at least for 16 years.


This is 100% sure. I have been fully monitored by the Japanese police intelligence and they definitely checked all the people around me. I can say in a different way that the Japanese police had seen Makoto Hirata for many times through the surveillance against me. This reality confirmed that they manipulated both of us to work together to frame me.


I started to work at the construction site with this fugitive from the spring of 1997 and this operation was prepared from early 1996. This also meant that it was planned by the officer who was in charge of the covert operation at that time, Shoichiro Ishikawa.


There was actually another plot related to the whole operation. I had one comic book, still at my home, which was written by the Aum cult. There were many of them left at the clubroom where I was a member of and I took one outlet as I was interested in why they committed a crime, not interested in their belief at all, which was a story in late 1995 or early 1996.


In any way, that place could have been locked but easily accessed as well, hence there was no idea who brought those comics. We did not know who did that at that time, even though we asked one another, but eventually many of us brought it back to home. There was no believer of this cult at that student club, but there were spies of the left extremist in those days.


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