4-20 [The fugitive was supported by the police]: Police intelligence plotted their runaway

This terrorist fugitive was supported by the Japanese police intelligence, which basically meant that other two fugitives were also hidden by them as well.


First of all, he did not resemble the one at the wanted person’s photo and it was basically impossible to identify him just by that photo. As I said, I could not confirm him, even talking to him directly in front of his photo, meaning he was completely different.


I realized his true identity after he turned himself in at the end of 2011 when the police delivered his photo to the press. I had been tortured by the Chinese intelligence in Hong Kong in those days and realized who he was after seeing the photo in the net news.


Then, I confirmed him with other profiles including his age, height, dialect and whereabout, though I had not realized his true identity when we worked together in 1997-98.


There is a famous trick of the Japanese police intelligence that they prepare the photo which does not resemble the real wanted person if they would like to keep this subject at large. It is a common way for the police intelligence to hide their subjects from other police divisions, mainly from the investigative division.


Contrarily saying, this photo was prepared by the officers who planned their runaway.


There were supporters of him at that working place and I assumed one of them was a believer of the Aum cult. It was not 100% confirmed, but there were several proofs and the law enforcement officers also noticed his identity, as I recollected his name. In any case, he was the supporter who regarded his respect to this fugitive many times in front of me.


There was a monitor at that working place who was an undercover agent of the Japanese police intelligence. I also could not confirm his true identity, but it should be officially checked until now. There was another guy who was also in charge of the surveillance, but he was less likely a member of the law enforcement.


I know his profile, but he was not a bad person either and was likely a spy prepared by the central office of the police intelligence directly. As far as I can tell, his profile was related to the director of intelligence division at that time, Koji Date.


It was relatively easy to mark them as they could not speak a local dialect except that undercover agent, though his speaking was also not one of ours. We basically identified each other by which junior high school we graduated, as it was a starting point of the conversation there.


That was why it was so apparent that they were not local, and furthermore, they evaded a question where they came from all the time.


We basically asked this question as they could not speak a local dialect, but did not bother that much as a nature of the job was to provide a muscle. It is well known fact that the martyr or fugitive had often run into the mine, as there was an anonymity just to provide a muscle while earning a bill. It was a construction site, but there was a similar nature.


The biggest issue here was why I worked with him. As said, I have been on the watch list of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence since birth, and they had already framed me to talk to the hijacker until then. There were many operations taken place beforehand including one to make me believe an existence of the ghost, which implied that they had already availed an electromagnetic wave until then.


All of those indicated that I was fully monitored by them, but still, I worked with this fugitive, which absolutely meant that the Japanese police intelligence knew his whereabout. Moreover, this was another frame against me that I was related to another famous terrorist attack in Japan.


This was a result of the intelligence plot, not an accidental coincidence.


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