4-19 [Working with the terrorist fugitive]: I did not realize his true identity who was one of the most wanted at that time

I had lived under the full surveillance of the Japanese police intelligence and I fed up with a transferring unfavorable situation even though not realizing I was trapped by them and eventually left that part-time job. They failed many operations but at least succeeded to drive me to the next environment.


A few months later, I had decided to work at the construction site, as it was efficient to earn. There were only two options for the efficient jobs, brain worker or muscle worker for the student and my job at the construction site was usually completed until noon, therefore I had enough time to study later on.


The issue was that there was a fugitive of the sarin attack as a member of Aum Shinrikyo Cult. He is Makoto Hirata, one of three fugitives at large for nearly two decades and I used to work with him from 1997, two years after the terror in the Tokyo subway system.


Although, I had no idea who he was.


I remembered one time that I was asked how I thought of the Aum fugitive as we saw wanted person’s photos in front of the small police station. In my memory, we waited for the bus or car there and spent some time just in front of that board.


I replied him that their conduct was completely wrong and hoped the police should arrest them soon. I might explain the detail more, though I did not remember his reaction to my words.


Having said that, I am pretty much sure that he did not show up to the job in the next one month. There were several leaders from my university in that cult, hence he was accustomed to my profile and he might have assumed I was one of the supporters. I had not got why he asked me as such, but he left the job for a while because I was not at his side and I might be a danger to him.


There was a possibility to him that I was one of the undercover agents of the police, as there were also many police careers from my school as well. In any way, I was not one of them either and he was back to the job without soon, as I assumed his supporter confirmed I was not a police officer.


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