4-18 [Monitors from the police]: We can identify a chain of the command if finding out the undercover officer

I tried to figure out who was the main operative of this ghost operation, as that friend of mine was just availed and the field agent should be around me to observe the whole operation.


There was actually another one in that car when the ghost operation was conducted in the midnight of the countryside. He technically slept in the backseat, though he was a private investigator hired by the Japanese police intelligence. He was the one who had directly threatened that friend of mine to conduct this operation.


There were several other private investigators around me at the place where I worked as a part-time of the student. I did not care anymore about a presence of the private investigator, but they were basically outsourced by the Japanese police intelligence or CIA to conduct apparent illegal operations.


There was a daughter of the policeman, but I was not sure what role she played in those days. She mentioned she was the daughter by herself so that there were some meanings of her notification, but I had no sense that I was monitored by her though she might have reported to her father.


There was one suspicious guy who, I assumed, was an undercover agent of the police intelligence. I had no conviction, but he worked there as a full-time but I had not get the reason why he chose that job, his career in the past and his goal there. That was quite weird as he was the only one I had not grasped who he was.


I wrote in this way because there was definitely someone to be assigned for a confirmation of this allegation and it should confirm that there was a police operation or not.


If my sense was correct, he was the main field officer to monitor my behavior as an undercover. It is hard to follow a chain of command of the outsourced private investigators, but it was possible who ordered him to infiltrate into my surroundings if he was really a police officer. Then, we could find out who was a man in charge of this operation at that time with an electromagnetic wave capability.


In any way, this was one of my surroundings when the ghost operation took place. I had not realized a true nature, but I was encircled by the operatives, which was designed to frame me into a much bigger plot.


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