4-17 [Ghost created by the electromagnetic wave]: Ghost voice is one of the ways to brainwash the subject

I mentioned several stories that birds were controlled by the electromagnetic wave, the first of which took place in front of my eyes in 1993. I had thought it was a result of the accidental coincidence for a long time and never imagined there was a technology to maneuver the creature remotely.


One of my friends heard the invisible voice at the same exact moment, which was a manipulation to let him follow the words of ghost that were actually a production of the electromagnetic wave. This methodology has still been often availed as one of the main protocol of the radiowave operation.


Another friend of mine told me that he could have seen a ghost, which was also a part of the operation, though I was not so sure who was the real target at that time. He looked like believing his word, meaning he fell to the operation later to become a member of the left extremist or an asset to the Japanese police intelligence.


There was an enough possibility he was the target, though also probable that this ghost operation was designed to entrap me, as this friend of mine was related to the plot that I encountered with a hijacker of Japan Red Army in 1994.


There was another ghost operation taken place at the end of 1996, which was a month-long operation in November and December that one of my friends suddenly talked about the ghost continuously. He changed a subject many times during that time but kept talking about the story of ghosts.


At the end of the day, the spy conducted an operation to make me believe I have a capability to see a ghost. It was a midnight around 2-3 AM and there was definitely no one walking along the countryside, but there was one woman wearing a white cloth.


You might not realize but the Japanese ghost wore a white cloth in the traditional sense so that many Japanese might believe she was a ghost in this situation. I wrote a detail of the operation before, but in any way, the same individual tried to make me believe it was a ghost, the only he and I could see.


He was in a trouble at that time, which was why he collaborated with the police and private investigator and I realized it later on. He explained it so vaguely that I did not understand what it meant in those days, but it was also one of the protocol to make an excuse during the operation.


This ghost story was followed by the other eliminative operation, hence they originally had a plan to brainwash me using a ghost identity.


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