4-32 [Alternation of evidence]: Japanese police intelligence left a trace to hide the real shooter

Many pieces of evidence were altered for this shooting case against the police director general, one of the apparent was a height of the shooter. He was said to be around 180 centimeters from the eyewitness, though it was revised down to 170-180 centimeter and the police officer of the Aum believer confessed he might have shot the director; his height was at the lowest range of 170 centimeters.


Fundamentally speaking, it was unlikely that the height became lower for the shooting case.


In this exact case, the perpetrator shot the director general from a certain distance, indicating that he shot in the proper style. It was possible to shoot in a different way in much shorter range, but he hit all the shot but one in the middle of the body, indicating that he was a profession trained properly to take down the director in the right way.


When this was the case, the height of his shoulder was specified. Especially, there were bullet wounds penetrating his body, which told a height of the perpetrator even now.


At least, it yields a height of the shooting point, hence there was no possibility that he became shorter. It was quite unlikely that the shooter hit that many without aiming from the eye.


It was well known but his confession was originally vague that he said he might have shot, but they could not confirm how he shot nor there was no evidence that his possible shooting. Moreover, his claim was said to be transformed according to the new evidence coming up, which was apparently not normal.


There was another important alternation of the evidence that the video was missing, even though the monitor was set up at the entrance of director general’s flat. There were officers to confirm an unidentified person to pay a visit to his flat, but that was gone at all.


This monitor was conducted by the first security section of the Tokyo metropolitan police and the camera was provided by the second security section. It means that there was someone to hide the video in either of the sections. These security sections were under the security division that was in charge of the security and intelligence, meaning the police intelligence was absolutely involved in the missing video.


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