4-31 [Police helped a runaway]: Japanese police condemned the Aum fugitive as a mastermind of the shooting though helped his escape

The police had claimed that the Aum cult shot their director general in 1995 and Makoto Hirata was the mastermind of this assault, but he denied his involvement.


He actually turned himself in and confessed all the detail of his related issue, which meant that the police had already known whether he was really in charge of the shooting operation.


However, it had become already irrelevant until his turn-in as the statute of limitations ran out in fifteen years for the murder attempt in 2010. He gave himself up to the police in 2011 and it was meaningless to investigate the shooting case anymore, even if the police confirmed the evidence.


He actually mentioned that he would like to turn himself in at much earlier but afraid of the possibility that he was framed as a mastermind of this shooting case, hence he waited until the litigation limit was gone.


As far as I know, it was less likely a lie as he was not the one who often told a lie. I remembered he evaded questions which revealed his real identity, but he did not make a lie directly.


Furthermore, it was useless to hide a fact related to the crime which was not any more prosecutable, even after he gave himself up to the police. It implied that his claim was at least correct in this case that he was not the mastermind, which was why he ran away from and lived in the hindsight for a long time.


The issue was why this happened in this way. All the point was that this shooting case was not prosecuted as the police condemned he was in charge of this operation but he had run away until the statute of limitations ran out.


Then, this whole notion was manipulated by the police as he was a subject of the electromagnetic wave manipulation, which was why he and I worked at the same construction job at the same time in the late 1990s. The police, surely, knew his whereabouts, hence all the claim of the police intelligence was fake and they have manipulated this fugitive not to turn himself in as they should find out the true perpetrator of this shooting case.


As far as he kept running away, the police intelligence could make an allegation that this shooting was caused by the Aum cult, but once he appeared to the police, they should have investigated the truth, which was why they created the Aum fugitives to hide a true nature of this case.


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