4-30 [Police made up a false story]: Japanese police intelligence covered up the truth

There was one police officer, Toshiyuki Kosugi, who confessed he might have shot the director general and he was also a believer of this Aum cult. He suddenly said that he might have shot the police head, though his memory was so obscure. In any way, this confession was treated as a proof that the Aum was involved in this shooting or at least the society assumed this was a truth.


However, he was actually not prosecuted as there was no evidence related to his confession, hence the attorney prosecutor gave up the legal process about him. At the same time, his confession was vague and not trustworthy as well, hence it was also not available for the legal pursuit.


He was assumed to be brainwashed by the Aum, which was a general understanding. This cult invented a methodology called as “Narco”, which could wipe out the recent memory, hence this police officer of believer was treated by this capability later on after his shooting.


That was why his confession was vague and he could not remember the detail, though he recovered some of his memory that he mentioned his possible involvement in this case later on, which was a general perception of this case.


This confession had a sizable impact as he was a believer of the Aum cult that made a chemical attack 10 days before the director general was shot. The police deployed thousands of officers on this cult case at that time, hence they had enough reason to shoot the commander of this whole investigation.


As a matter of fact, the sarin attack was executed to prevent the full investigation against them, hence it was quite likely that they shot the director general to disturb the on-going search.


There was another facet of this shooting that this police officer of the believer was a parishioner, though all of other attacks were conducted by the priests, hence it was necessarily someone as a mastermind of this case.


That was assumed to be Makoto Hirata who had run away until the end of 2011, almost seventeen years, who used to work with me 1997-98, a few years after of the terrorist act.


The police intelligence claimed that they could not solve this case as they did not know his whereabout, but I am a witness that they knew where he had been for a long time. The police told a lie at this point, which implied that the police knew this fugitive was not involved in this case from the scratch and tried to make up the story to hide the truth behind this shooting.


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