4-29 [Police head was shot]: Japanese police director general was shot but there was an operation later to hide the truth

Takaji Kunimatsu, a director general of the police department was shot at the morning on 30 March 1995. The shooter was not found in the end to run out the fifteen-year statute of limitations.


There was a sarin attack against the Tokyo subway system by the Aum Shinrikyo cult in the same month on 20 March and the police raided almost all the base of this cult with thousands of officers on the following 22 March. Precisely saying, there was a plan to raid beforehand, which was leaked to the cult, and then, they had executed a chemical terrorist attack.


It meant that the director general was shot during the full investigation against this cult at the time when the terrorist attack was not confirmed yet to be conducted by them. The Japanese society was occupied by the gloomy atmosphere with the huge Kobe earthquake occurred on 17 January 1995, a few months before.


He was shot under this circumstance, though he was survived out of the coma to resume the command within several months.


I did not think about the detail of this incident as it was an issue totally unrelated to me and it was nearly impossible to solve this case.


However, there were officers who let me research on this case through the electromagnetic wave manipulation, which was a story of the spring in 2016, actually quite recent. I realized it was a manipulation, but they were so adamant that I decided to buy a book related to this shooting to capture the outline.


I was pretty much sure that some of the police officers would like to know the detail as their ex-director general was shot, though ended up with the cold case. Moreover, there was another reason I might have a better idea in this case, as one of the Aum fugitive, Makoto Hirata, was said to be the mastermind of this assault.


He had been at large, which was why this case was said to be unsolved, but actually, he used to work with me in 1997-98 as mentioned, which was a setup of the Japanese police intelligence to frame me to be related to this Aum sarin attack.


This fact created a wired reality that the police said they could not solve this case as they had no idea of his whereabout, but actually, they knew where he had been for a long time. More specifically, the police intelligence was in charge of this case and the same division had hidden his trace.


I had already realized this fact until researching the detail, though I had no idea what it meant. Then, I bought a book about this shooting written by Yo Tanigawa and I assumed this book told enough detail of this incident, though he did not understand some of backgrounds and technologies that I had fully elucidated. I mixed the detail with the capability of the police intelligence, which has clarified some of the hidden sides of the intelligence operation.


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