4-33 [Police cover up]: Japanese police intelligence created a story and left a named mastermind at large to sabotage the investigation

This shooting case was investigated by the police intelligence. It was said to be that the criminal investigation division was too busy to scrutinize the Aum cult, which was inevitable as they conducted a sarin attack a week before.


However, this conclusion was slightly skewed as the police intelligence claimed the police director general was shot by the cult at the early stage of their investigation. It implied that this case should be one of many terrorist and murder conducts of the Aum and there was no necessity to probe separately if that was the case.


There was one critical fact that this separated investigation was requested by the investigation division head of the Tokyo metropolitan police, who used to be in charge of the covert operation team of the police intelligence as an investigator, Shigeaki Ishikawa. It meant that this police intelligence involvement was decided by one of the main officers who spent the most of his career at the intelligence.


Then, the police intelligence set up one of the police officers as a suspect of the shooting, though his confession was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave and could not clarify the detail of this shooting, ended up with no prosecution. He was a believer of the Aum cult and they had spread out this information to make the public believe the director general was shot by the Aum terrorist.


We had basically believed in this way, but there were several facts we had not known for a long time, one of which was that the Aum was not involved in this shooting. As said, this confessed shooter was a parishioner and should have been ordered by one of the cult leaders.


Makoto Hirata was condemned as a mastermind of this case, but he turned himself in and denied his involvement in this case, which was highly likely true, considering his action. It also implied that there was no mastermind of this shooting inside this cult.


Moreover, his runaway had been supported by the police intelligence, which was why I used to work with him, as both of us were manipulated by the electromagnetic wave to work at the same construction company as a day labor. They have claimed he was kept at large, but the reality was that he had not been arrested until the end of the statute of limitations and he gave him up later on.


All of those were manipulated by the police intelligence and his turn-in actually triggered severer torture against me, which started a few weeks before his show-up. They used his turn-in to support their illegal operation, as I was framed as a terrorist.


In any way, the police intelligence had calculated quite well of his runaway because they had no need to investigate other possibilities as far as he was at large. The focus was to find out his whereabouts, but it was impossible to be revealed as the police intelligence had hidden in a different hand.


It is 100% confirmed the police knew where he was, as I was fully monitored by the police in those days as well. Moreover, I was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave as well, which indicated that he was also maneuvered to work together with me at the same construction site.


Furthermore, this same team claimed that the director general was shot by his plan, meaning they told a lie and spread a fake information.


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