4-56 [Losing control over my body]: Spy controlled my body remotely at the first time in 2001

I spent two months in Tokyo before going to the US, where I got a training until getting a VISA. In those days, I was also a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation as well.


One night, my body suddenly started to move without my intention. I certainly drank some, though I had not lost myself, even capable enough to prepare a bed by myself, which was a Japanese style that to place two sets of futons on the tatami floor.


I started to run around that bed and had no idea what was just happening. I ran and ran continuously with closing my eyes, though I sometimes confirmed where the window was.


It was located a little higher on the wall and it was impossible to jump from there, and then eventually I opened a closet door and jumped into the stuffs out there. I hurt myself with a jump over hard storage boxes, but moreover, I was shocked completely and confused to get any explanations of this event.


Eventually, I tried to conclude this was a result of the intoxication. I did not drink that much to lose myself, but I grew older and my lever required more time to crack an alcohol in my body system. I thought I should take care of my drinking amount more than before.


At the same time, I felt lucky not sleeping in another room where I used to stay, as there were a big window and veranda which was lethal to me for the jumping. I stayed in another room for some reasons, which saved my life in the end.


This was definitely a result of the electromagnetic wave operation and I saw the same phenomenon in 1993. Later on, I heard the same story in 2011, but moreover, I have been under this operation 24 hours a day since the spring of 2013.


This operation was conducted in April or May of 2001, and it was highly likely an independent operation of the Japanese police intelligence, as there was no incentive for the CIA as I was going to the US within several weeks. Adding to this, it was the place long targeted by them for years, the same as my home. I have a confidence that this mission was operated by the Japanese police intelligence.


All information considered, they would like to kill me before I went to the US. The jumping was one of the last options to take, but they failed it as I slept in the different room out of their plan.


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