4-57 [Fabricated memory]: I met with someone who I could not recollect how we met

There were many events still unsolved even though I revisited my memories thoroughly from fresh eyes with a realization of the electromagnetic wave functionality.


There was one story that I got an e-mail from a dentist who asked me to go out if there was a chance to visit Tokyo, which I got just after I had decided to go to Tokyo. We actually went out together and remembered where to go, though I had no idea how I was related to her in London.


There was no vagueness in my memory like this, but I totally lost a memory of hers in the past, except this e-mail and dinner out together.


Strange to say further, I met another dentist in London who I knew quite well of her profile and face. We were not close that much, though smoked a tobacco quite often with a conversation that I remembered her profoundly. She was not the one I met around Tokyo whom I could not recollect how we met.


To tell the truth, I was not able to revive my memory related to her even at the time we met and I asked her where she was, though she raised some names of my friends and events I spent together with them so that I thought she was in that social group.


There were two possibilities, one of which was that my memory was totally wiped out, though it sounded still weird as I have a clear memory of her name and profile even now as I met her around Tokyo.


The other possibility was that the story was fabricated and I actually did not meet her in London as she raised a name of the operative who was one of my friends. This spy can tell the same story as hers, even when asked.


Either of them was a truth and both of them were able to be created with a support of the electromagnetic wave, which was why I was actually deceived vaguely, though not totally.


The operation is easily conducted in this way to raise a name of your friend whose credibility supports the fabrication in front of you. This is achievable without the electromagnetic wave, but it is hard to create a total confusion without its capability. In this way, I was manipulated more than just to lose a control over my body in this spring of 2001.


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