4-58 [Japanese police wanted to kill me]: They failed their assassination attempt at the last time before my going to the US

It was apparent that I was maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave in those days as well, which was why I was running in the room against my intention. That house was a long target of the Japanese police intelligence as well so that they could employ this technology easily even though I was out of my home.


It was actually the last chance for the Japanese police intelligence before my going to the US and they would like me to jump out of the veranda, lethal enough with 40-50 meter high.


It did not work well as I stayed in the different room of that flat as I used to sleep the room next to the veranda, but it was changed to sleep an inner room with a high window with some reasons.


I could not mention all the reasons but I am pretty much sure that it was also set up by the spy who knew a detail of the operation.


First of all, this probable jumping was designed by the Japanese police intelligence connected to the left extremist. They attempted assassinations in the past as well that it was not the first time. I have been a danger to them as I have been a potential witness who knows that the Japanese police intelligence has had a joint operation with the left extremist, which includes assassination attempts against me.


I did not realize that fact in those days, but there was a risk that I came to notice a true nature of their covert operation. They also set up an operation that I was related to some of the terrorists, one of those was still at large with a support of them. They needed to hide him until the statute of limitations run out, which required to hire me as an asset or to kill me.


However, both would have become harder if I went to the US and it was the last time to assassinate me, which was a spring of 2001 in Tokyo.


On the other hand, there should have been operatives who were against this operation and they were likely to leak this to the CIA, as they set me up to sleep at the inner room.


I should thank them at this point, though their intention was also likely not that straightforward, as there were enough opportunities for them to run an operation against me after my going to the US.


I am quite ambivalent at this point, though there were many operations to frame me as a terrorist or to assassinate me led by the CIA and their deed was wrong nearly the same as the Japanese police intelligence.


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