4-59 [Surrounded by the CIA assets]: There were many CIA assets probably to secure me safely going to the US

There were many CIA assets around me in the spring of 2001 when I went to Tokyo, though I did not realize their real identities at that time. In any way, their existence basically indicated that there was a CIA plan to send me to the US as one of their targets.


Having said that, I had no idea how I was targeted by the CIA in those days, even though I had been a subject of their antipersonnel operation already for half a year during my stay in London in 1999.


It was a light version of the operation for them to hire me as an intelligence asset, and their initial plan was highly likely to retry this plot, though I had no idea what level of the operation they prepared at that time.


As said, I had been on their watch list since born as my father was their target, which suggested that there should have been two sets of the opinions inside their agency, a potential enemy or a target of the intelligence asset.


That was why there were many CIA operatives around me from the scratch when I went to Tokyo, but more likely that the CIA plotted that I was going to work in the US and secured my life from the Japanese police intelligence and others until I got to the US.


Thereafter, they would have had a plenty of time to observe me or to convert me as their asset. I am pretty much sure that they had already realized that I was a severe target of the intelligence agencies but not fell yet, which attracted more attentions from the CIA.


I spent half a year in London to enhance my English capability and met some of the CIA officers out there, which meant that they had already completed their initial interview covertly: more than just grasping my profile.


All in all, they would like to hire me as their asset in the end and assumed that there should have been enough time to conduct an antipersonnel operation against me without an intervention from the Japanese police intelligence.


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