4-60 [CIA and Japanese police intelligence]: They are tightly connected, though their operational goal is not necessarily the same

The CIA and Japanese police intelligence have had a tight relationship, which is a fact and not hidden at all. The Japanese side has been given an international terrorist information from the CIA and they have also got a technological support from the agency, one of whose biggest item was the electromagnetic wave capability.


Having said that, the bargaining power of the Japanese police intelligence was quite limited as there was no spy network outside the Japan as a nature of the police organization. They can hand over the domestic intel to the CIA, but its worth is limited, which is why the CIA has been given a free hand of their operation in Japan as a barter.


This freedom meant that the CIA operatives can avoid as far as their operation was covertly conducted as the Japanese police intelligence has a capability to hide a trace if that is the case. There are many Japanese nationals working as the CIA intelligence assets who have also been exempted from the majority of their crimes as well.


It is apparent that there are also CIA assets inside the Japanese police intelligence. The intelligence agencies have originally targeted a government officer to be hired as an asset, which has been expanded to the non-government individual, though the original nature has not been changed that the bureaucrat is still the primary subject. This antipersonnel operation is likely to be effective to the future antisocial operation of them.


The career bureaucrat of the police intelligence is apparently the most critical target for the foreign agencies. Adding to this, the majority of them have spent a time abroad as a first secretary at the Japanese embassies. It is one of their career paths to spend around two years abroad just before assuming a critical position inside the Japanese police department.


In Japanese system, the student who passes a senior exam becomes a career bureaucrat as an executive candidate, indicating that the police leaders have been also only selected from this pool of career candidates. There are just 20-30 officers hired every year at the whole police department, indicating that they are quite apparent targets for the foreign intelligence.


Even if they are not on the CIA watch list originally unlike my case, they should have been easily monitored by other agencies once flagged out from the CIA screening.


The problem is that there are many CIA assets inside the Japanese police intelligence. I knew tens of CIA assets and there were no police officers amongst them, but it was just I had not acquainted with any of them and I am pretty much sure it was not that difficult to hire the police officer as an intelligence asset, even if they are hired as an executive candidate.


The electromagnetic wave has a critical function to manipulate their subject, whose basic technology has been established until the 1980s. It is easier to crack the individual without strong philosophical standpoint, meaning that the bureaucrat is a more manageable target than I am.


There is also a merit for the intelligence career bureaucrat to become one of the CIA assets as they can get an information selectively from the CIA, which have promoted them to take better posts. It indicates that the career bureaucrat of the Japanese police intelligence is a more accessible target for the foreign agency.


Having said that, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence were a different organization to have a different code of conducts. This discrepancy appeared as an antipersonnel operation against me in the spring of 2001, which was why there were operatives trying to kill me, and on the other hand, to save me from the assassination attempts. As a result, there were a bunch of spies around me for the surveillance against me in those days as well.


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