4-55 [Conflict within the spies]: CIA’s motivation to bring me to the US contradicted to the Japanese police intelligence

I gave up the further study in the US and decided to leave an academic field, but after all, I was going to work in the US. I was in London in 1999, found a job in Japan in 2000, which started from 2001 in the US after taking a master degree.


I have not correctly analyzed yet what happened at that time, though there was likely an intention of the CIA, as their operatives were around me before and after I started to work in the US.


The only reason I had decided that job was that I could go to the US. I gave up the study there, but it sounded a good opportunity for me to work abroad as soon as graduating the school.


I had not completely understood my new job description, though the financial analysis looked manageable as I spent so much time on the social science research. It was not necessarily an extension of my political field, but those were based on the same analytical skillset of the social science, and moreover, I thought I could expand my career and capability through this job.


I had stayed at the university for a long time, hence my coming experience in the US should make up the gap from those who had already spent many years in the business field around the same age as mine. This was my logic and it was a great opportunity to me, even if it was one of the operations of the CIA.


There was another complicated issue if this was a result of the CIA mission, as the Japanese police intelligence would have lost their control over me when I went to the US. Their operation was critically restricted by the American authority.


As said, I believed my decision to give up the study was a result of the Japanese police intelligence manipulation through the electromagnetic wave, which contradicted to the answer that the CIA brought me to the US.


This discrepancy should have created a further counteraction of the Japanese police intelligence until I left Japan, trying hard to hire me as their asset or to eliminate me.


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