4-54 [CIA target]: I have been on their watch list since born, but became more serious

I spent half a year in London, which was quite influential to my life as I had decided to give up further study in the US, even though I was there to study English for that goal.


I changed my course during a time in London to work before the further study as it was the last chance for me to find a job as a new grad for my age and it was the only option left for me to live in the academic field if deciding to study more.


My life was quite unstable in those days so that it was better to obtain a stability at first to accumulate the money and to think about the study later on, which was a conclusion I got in London.


However, I am not sure whether it was really my decision or not, as I was a subject of the electromagnetic operation at that time as well. I cannot differentiate between what was my true nature and what was a result of the manipulation, and actually, I have been quite maneuvered by the intelligence operation with and without the electromagnetic wave capability.


If this was a result of their successful operation, there was an agency who stopped me from going to the US, which was the most likely Japanese police intelligence, as there was a possibility that I might have worked for the CIA afterwards.


It was quite sad as I cannot confirm my important decision was determined just by myself, though the reality was a reality. I assumed they still undecided to keep a framing of the terrorist against me or to invite me as their insider.


There were many friends around me working still as a bureaucrat and I remembered I had many discussions whether I also become one of them, but I could not imagine the life working for the single institution for the life, which was highly likely the case in the Japanese government.


That was a part of the reason why I pursued a course in the academic field as it was another job to relate myself to the administrative policy without a long-term commitment.


In any way, they could not have controlled my life totally, but I was highly manipulated by them even for the important decision. As said, I had worked with one of the Aum fugitives, the most wanted in Japan at that time, two years before going to London, confirming that I had been maneuvered by the intelligence operation with the electromagnetic wave.


Actually, my stay in London itself was a result of the intelligence manipulation, which had a significant meaning to my life later on, as I became more targeted by the CIA.


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