4-53 [Assetization]: There were no further ops to hire me as an intelligence asset in London

I used to think often about why they became a spy after I realized I had been a target of their antipersonnel operation. I knew many of them who worked as an asset to the foreign intelligence agencies, some of those actually committed a crime to accept the offer for an avoidance of the jail time or extra payment.


On the other hand, there were many operatives longing for the CIA or MI6, some of those were deployed the long-lasted operation against me. Even if they conceivably notice they are treated as an expendable asset, there are many of them to become a spy of those intelligence agencies.


The agencies realized I would not become one of them when observing closely in London as I had no interest on the spy nor working for the foreign government. I have been fully committed to the Japanese traditional culture and I even went abroad for the further academic study. It was exciting for me to live under the different culture and environment, though there was no yearning for the foreign thing from the scratch.


When they understood it, it was a poor move to introduce themselves as an intelligence agent, but it was better to instigate me to commit a crime whose legal punishment should have been replaced by the assetization.


The drug was quite available for the majority of the case like mine, as there were a bunch of people trying it from curiosity. Adding to this, there was no trace of the spy when they employed real drug dealers selling their product to the target like me.


I actually had no memory that I was a target of their operation to hire as an asset but these numerous contacts from the dealers. I had been monitored, which I realized and confirmed later on, but there was no critical operation against me.


There were many occasion I was talked to by several Americans and I am pretty much sure some of them were the CIA officers, though there was no material operation, but still, I was under the surveillance.


There were two meanings of their behaviors, one of which was that they confirmed me whether I was a dangerous terrorist or not, as I have been on the CIA watch list since born and I was marked as an extremist contacted with the real terrorists as a result of the covert operation of the Japanese police intelligence. The other possibility was to conclude whether I could work for their agencies as an asset. In any way, there was no significant issue in London and I went back to Japan after spending a planned time.


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