4-77 [CIA ops related to Sep 11]: FBI NY chief might have been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

When researching about the issue related to the Michelle, I found an article on the FBI chief in New York at The New Yorker.



John O’Neill requested an intel to the CIA about the KL meeting where many terrorists from the al-Qaida gathered up in 1998 to discuss the next moves.


One of the main outcomes from the meeting was a terrorist attack against the USS Cole in October 2000 and the FBI asked the CIA to share the conversation held at that meeting. The Michelle was a liaison officer at the CIA for this case and this chief was one who asked to disclose the intel.


He left the FBI on 22 August 2001, as his PC was stolen. There was a classified information on his laptop, though it was returned back without any compromise. However, he lost a trust within the bureau, which gave him up for the further promotion to leave for another opportunity.


He was dead on 11 Sep 2001, as he was a security chief at the World Trade Center.


I assumed he was also set up by the CIA to work there. As a general, the electromagnetic wave technology had been already developed to control the thought and behavior remotely.


This technology was held by the intelligence groups who recognized the Sep 11 attack, which was why I was framed as a terrorist suspect by them around the same time.


Adding to this, if the PC was stolen and if there was no direct damage to the FBI, it was nothing more than an intelligence operation, as there is no other objective. If the spy capitalized this situation to enhance the anxiety by the electromagnetic wave, he should have left the bureau with ease.


The biggest focal point was that he was a security chief at the WTC. He was eventually killed as a result of the Sep 11 attack, though he would have been blamed and his words were not to be perceived seriously, even if survived.


That was necessary to the CIA as he knew the agency did not disclose the attackers who were under the surveillance of theirs. If he was positioned as the FBI chief in New York or any other, influential enough to denounce the CIA conduct, there was a large possibility that the CIA recognition of the Sep 11 attack in advance was more focused than it was.


As said, I worked at the same construction sites with the Aum terrorist fugitive in 1997, meaning that they were already capable of manipulating the thought remotely. My body was totally maneuvered from the outside in 2001 at first and I saw it in 1993, all of those suggested that this kind of electromagnetic wave manipulation had been established until 2001. Moreover, I was not the only to be framed with the Sep 11 attack.


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